Cross 46 Side Console

The Yamarin Cross 46 SC is a compact multi-purpose boat with a strong hull and a spacious interior.

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The Yamarin Cross 46 Side Console has a strong hull and a spacious interior. The Yamarin 46 SC is designed as a multi-purpose boat and its interior is therefore practical and spacious, there is a long sideways bench in the bow and a place for two 24-litre fuel tanks in the storage compartment in front of the console. The functional wholeness is finished off with a wide hull and high freeboards, which increase the feeling of space and safety.

Technical Info
Length 4,64 m
Width 1,84 m
Weight 380 kg
Persons 5
Motor Recommendation 30-40 hp
Transom long
CE Yes
Design Category C
Yamaha Motor Preinstalled Yes

Top speed 40 hp 26 kn

Travel speed 18 kn