Cross 75 Bow Rider

The boat offers a combination of aggressively stylish looks, speed and safety, as well as excellent handling even in heavy seas.

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The Yamarin Cross 75 Bow Rider is an impressive boat, whose looks are defined by classy rasterisation, an attractive new steering wheel design, dark grey (non-heating) metal floor and sharp, graphite grey upholstery with red and black details. The canopy is dark grey.

The Yamarin Cross 75 Bow Rider is designed for speedy long-distance travel and its handling characteristics – as with all Yamarin boats – remain excellent even in rough seas.

The Yamarin Cross 75 Bow Rider has a blunt bow and high railings, which improves safety. A beaching ladder (optional accessory) for ease of disembarkation in natural harbours, for example, can be stored in the anchor box under the bow hatch.

The open bow space features two integrated boxes that are easily detachable by unscrewing. The boxes can be replaced by two step platforms if more space is required for activities such as fishing.

The rear edge of the windshield is higher and extends further back, affording excellent shelter for passengers.  There is a sturdy glass door between the two consoles.

Wide, armrest-equipped offshore seats that give excellent support to the back are provided for the driver and co-driver. The driver's position is equipped with a folding pop-up cleat to facilitate beaching alone.

There is an ample glove compartment on the co-driver's side, with a compartment for mounting a radio and a power outlet at the back. The co-driver's position also features an acrylic-plastic storage compartment for small items.

The consoles' storage compartments are equipped with acrylic-plastic doors and Abloy locks. The driver's side has ample room for a heater, while accessories such as a refrigerator (presized, optional accessory) will fit on the co-driver's side.

Sun decks (optional accessory) are available for both bow and stern. The boat's aft bench is a spacious U-shaped sofa, and there is ample space to store sun-deck mattresses in the storage compartment beneath it.  With the cushion removed, the side of the sofa folds to form a step area, or can be folded away if more room is desired. The open deck space is equipped with four LED lights.

The canopy railings are protected under the bench's hinged back rest. There is an extremely spacious, two-level storage compartment under the aft bench. The boat has a large bathing platform, with generous anchor boxes. The boat has additional aluminium bathing platforms (e.g. for mounting an anchor winch) at the stern, beneath the primary platform. The surface of these auxiliary platforms is textured to provide a good footing even when wet.

The integrated fender retainers are placed behind the benches, where they are easily accessible but not in the way. 

Technical Info
Length 7,53 m
Width 2,47 m
Weight 1350 kg
Persons 9
Motor Recommendation 150-300 hp
Transom X
CE Yes
Design Category C
Yamaha Motor Preinstalled Yes

Speed estimations with Yamaha outboard, 2 persons:

Engine, Yamaha    F150          F200 F225 F250  F300           
Propeller Reliance 17"      Reliance17"      17 "SW II     19"SW II       15 x 21" SW II SDS 6CE
Top speed 37 kn        40 kn    43 kn 46 kn         50  kn