The new Yamarin 50 Bow Rider has arrived!

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Yamarin 88 DC Premium

Yamarin 88 DC Premium – enhanced luxury & power

Visually, the Premium version stands out from the Standard version with its stainless steel windshield frame and a pair of large 16-inch displays in the driver’s console. The two Yamarin Q smart displays enable the helmsman to view simultaneously a full-scale electronic chart on one screen and just the key engine data, for example, on the other.

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Yamarin 63 DC

Yamarin 63 DC – A wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation

The Yamarin 63 Daycruiser is an excellent choice for summer days for the entire family. The completely new hull design of the Yamarin 63 DC for the 2020 season is a wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation with family and friends. Due to the hull design, the handling characteristics of the boat have been further improved and more space has been created in the cabin without forgetting the modern appearance of the boat.

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Yamarin 405

Since 1972

Models throughout the years

Uncompromising attitude towards the quality of work, close cooperation with Yamaha and understanding our customers' needs. These are the starting points for the success story of Yamarin boats. During the past 40 years Yamarin has become one of the most distinguished boat brands in the Nordic countries. Yamarin boats have been built since 1972 and nowadays there are more than 70 000 Yamarin boats cruising around the world.

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Yamarin Collection caps

Quality products for boaters

Yamarin Collection

These features are the starting point for the design of both Yamarin boats and other Yamarin products. In our new online store you will find a wide range of Yamarin products for both water and beach.

Yamarin Collection
Yamarin brochure 2021

Yamarin brochure

New brochure 2021. Read now online.

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