Day Cruisers

Day cruisers (DC) are fast, sleek boats with a cabin under the bow that typically sleeps two.

Popularity of boats suitable for day cruises is growing

The popularity of day cruisers has grown as day cruising is becoming more popular: many people do not necessarily want to spend the night on their boats, preferring instead to spend a day at their destination and return home in the evening. Similarly, many people do not want to spend their entire summer holiday boating but would rather go out in their boats whenever the weather is nice or they get the inspiration.

The most popular size of day cruisers is 6–7 metres. The small cabin is often used as dry storage space with a door to protect items from the rain. For families, having a protective cabin where the kids can take naps is also important.

Typical buyers of day cruisers include young families, for whom it is often their first boat, as well as older boaters who are retiring from long-distance boating and want a smaller boat or who are rediscovering boating.

Yamarin 60 DC

The versatile day cruiser for those warm summer days

Yamarin 60 Day Cruiser

The Yamarin 60 DC is the perfect boat for couples or small families. It is comfortable and easy to handle and is therefore suitable for both beginners and a more experienced crew.

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A wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation

Yamarin 63 Day Cruiser

The Yamarin 63 Daycruiser is an excellent choice for summer days for the entire family. The completely new hull design of the Yamarin 63 DC is a wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation with family and friends.

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67 Day Cruiser

Modern DC with all the features of a big day cruiser

Yamarin 67 Day Cruiser

Yamarin 67 Day Cruiser is a sleek and stylish boat, offering a great way to create those unforgettable summer memories. Designed for eight persons, the 67 DC is a functional boat equipped with many features from the bigger day cruiser models, adding it straight to the top of the popular size category. Yamarin 67 DC works wonders as a day trip boat for a family or a group of friends.

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Top equipped boat for the perfect summer days

Yamarin 79 Day Cruiser

Imagine a perfect summer day on waters – sun, the sound of the waves, and good company. You can enjoy unforgettable times on a Yamarin 79 DC. This fully equipped boat offers pure Yamarin quality, from finely tuned handling to the practical interior solutions. The comfortable berths accommodates up to six persons.

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80 Day Cruiser

Embrace the elegance, enjoy the comfort

Yamarin 80 Day Cruiser

The new model innovatively combines the best features of a day cruiser and a walkaround. The new Yamarin 80 DC differs from typical Nordic day cruisers especially in the design of its bow deck, which provides access to the boat from the side. Access from the sheltered open seating area to the bow is located on the port side, whereas in most modern day cruisers access is typically in the middle of the boat.

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Yamarin 88 DC

Enhanced luxury & power

Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser

Yamarin 88 DC is the showstopping flagship model in the Yamarin fleet, which stands out with its stylish details, e.g. the stainless steel windshield frame and a pair of large 16-inch displays in the driver’s console. The luxury of the 88 DC can especially be seen inside the light-filled cabin, where the wardrobe, the WC door and doorframe, the shelf behind the bed, the back of the mirrors, and the storage boxes are all light-colored wood.

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