Boat identification number – WIN, CIN and HIN codes

The boat’s identification number specifies the boat model, model year and year of production, among other things. Officially, the identification number is known by the acronym ‘WIN’.

Yamarin boat identification number

In Yamarin boats, the identification number is located in the transom. The identification number facilitates easy identification of the boat’s production year and model year, even on older boats. The model number of the boat can be changed because of the change in the production facilities, change of the version or changes in the major accessories, for example.

The number is currently known as Watercraft Identification Number, or ‘WIN’.  The formerly used terms ‘CIN’ and ‘HIN’ stand for exactly the same thing.  The identification system is compliant with the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) of the European Union, applied since 1998.

For example, if your boat’s transom has been engraved with FI-YAM11001J607, you will find the following information in it:

  • The ‘FI’ country code indicates that the boat was manufactured by or for a Finnish company.
  • YAM’ is the unique code of the manufacturer; in the model years 1998 to 2017, these codes were marked based on the factory ‘FI-FNX’ for the Fenix Marin Oy and ‘FI-SEL’ for the Seliö Boats Oy. 
  • What follows is the unique serial number of each boat. The first two digits are the code for the boat model, in this case number 11 means Yamarin 56 BR.
  • The three following numbers tell the serial number, so in this case the boat has been the first boat in the line, number 001.
  • The letter following the serial number specifies the month of production. The calendar months run alphabetically beginning from ‘A’ for January, so in the example, the ‘J’ letter indicates October as the production month.
  • The number following the production month indicates production year. Here, number ‘6’ means that the boat was manufactured in 2006.
  • The final two characters provide the model year; for this boat, it is 2007.

The serial number does not indicate the production volumes of individual boat models, because the numbering may have been changed from one month to the next.


FI = Country code
YAM = Manufacturer code
11 = Model number
001 = Serial number
J = Production month (J=October)
6 = Production year (2006)
07 = Model year (2007)

Yamarin model numbers

Identification numbers for Yamarin models currently in production:

Yamarin 46 SC 39
Yamarin 50 BR 47
Yamarin 56 SC   10
Yamarin 56 BR 11
Yamarin 61 CC 14
Yamarin 60 DC 43
Yamarin 63 BR, 2019 -> 37
Yamarin 63 DC, 2020 -> 38
Yamarin 79 DC  44
Yamarin 88 DC  40
Yamarin 88 DC Premium 45

Identification letters for older boat models:

Yamarin 44 SC 01
Yamarin 46 SC 02
Yamarin 47 TC 03
Yamarin 50 SC  05
Yamarin 50 TC 06
Yamarin 56 HT  09
Yamarin 59 DC 13
Yamarin 59 C  34
Yamarin 63 BR ->2018 16
Yamarin 63 BR 2019 -> 41
Yamarin 63 DC ->2018 22 
Yamarin 63 DC 2020 ->  42
Yamarin 65 DC 24
Yamarin 68 DC  25
Yamarin 68 C 33
Yamarin 79 DC 27
Yamarin 81 DC  31/32
Yamarin 88 DC 36