Numerous new features for the Yamarin Q smart display as an OTA update

Screenshot: New Yamarin Q smart display features

The software of the Yamarin Q smart displays is constantly being developed, so we can bring new features to the boat every year that make it easier to use. The spring 2024 software update contained numerous new functions such as the picture-in-picture feature and a new widget-based instrument panel.

Time spent boating should be carefree and as easy as possible, without having to put extra effort in anything else than relaxing and enjoying. That is what the Yamarin Q infotainment system is for, providing a new level of smoothness, ease and safety to boating, both ashore and on the water. Whether you are an expert boater or inexperienced, Yamarin Q provides you a whole new approach to boating. with its’ user friendly features. With the Yamarin Q all the needed functionalities are integrated and found in one place, with just a touch of a finger.

The infotainment system is completed with the Yamarin app, the free mobile application you can connect with your Yamarin Q to get all the vital information of your boat directly to your phone. 

One of the handy new features for the boating season 2024 is the new pinch measurement info. When you put two fingers on the map screen, you can see not only the distance between two points but also e.g. the direction, the time spent on the trip, and an estimate of the amount of fuel needed.

Yamarin Q 10" smart display is standard equipment in Yamarin 60 DC, 63 DC and 67 DC daycruisers, as well as Yamarin's 63 BR, 59 BR and 59 SC. It is available as an accessory for Yamarin 50 BR. The Yamarin 88 DC comes with double 16" Q displays as standard equipment. Standard equipment of the Yamarin 80 DC includes one 16" Q-display, and a double display is optional.

New Yamarin Q features 2024

Instrument panel

New Yamarin Q features 2024: new instrument panel widgets

New dashboard layout: Instruments panel. Choosing the option Instruments in the Dashboard menu > Main gauge will remove the graphical dashboard and only show user added widgets.


New Yamarin Q features 2024: picture-in-picture

Moveable Picture-In-Picture mode is now available. Use for example Map as a small view. Create a Picture-In-Picture view from Home > Create View > Picture-In-Picture

Anchor alarm

Enable and disable in the Chart menu. Alarm shows on screen when the vessel is outside the defined area by a radius. The alarm output on Q Guard cable is activated by the alarm. The alarm is also sent to the mobile app via 4G. Settings > Navigation > Anchor alarm radius

Customizable dashboard background

The dashboard background can now be changed! Choose a custom background in: Dashboard > Menu > Background

Windy Weather Forecast

New Yamarin Q features 2024: Windy weather forecast

See detailed weather forecast from Windy. Activate the subscription from Q Connected or Q Connected+ subscription. Open Windy application from Home > Windy

Fusion Link and Internet radio

New Yamarin Q features 2024: Internet radio and Fusion Link

Users with an external Fusion audio system can now control it directly on the Q Display.  Internet Radio is also now available. Data from a Q Connected+ subscription or WIFI. Listen to any radio station, anywhere in the world. The Music application has gotten a new look. The new music application brings all the music settings closer and has a modern look.

Customizable Boat icon

New Yamarin Q features 2024: custom boat icon

The boat icon on the chart can now be changed by the user. Change the boat icon in: Map > Menu > Boat icon shape. Boat icon also changes colour in dim brightness conditions to be more visible. This helps with visibility issues. The change is automatic.

Subscription view

Subscription view is now visible in Info. View your active features easily from there.  Info > Subscriptions

Depth sensor offset

Depth reading can now be offset to show depth from the waterline or the bottom of the keel. Settings > Boat settings > Depth offset

Volume Boost

Selection of the audio volume contra quality. Boost (4) or Quality (Off). Settings > Audio settings > Volume boost

New settings in Navigation

  • Added new settings: Settings > Navigation
  • GPS Measurement Rate (Hz 1 / 10)
  • Position interpolation
  • Internal COG stabilisation
  • Anchor alarm radius

Other new improvements

New info in pinch measurement

New Yamarin Q features 2024: pinch gesture info

Added new info in pinch measurement. Now it has length, time, speed, fuel, fuel per distance, and bearing. Map > Two fingers on screen

Service info moved

Service is now under Settings, instead of being under Settings > Boat settings. This helps with finding the service info.

Change heading & COG vector length

The length of the heading and COG vector can now be customised. Map > Chart settings > Heading vector length

Screensaver time

Screensaver activates when the boat is not moving and the screen has not been touched. Select time for when Q's screen backlight shuts down from Settings > Display settings > Screensaver time

Shutdown after inactivity

When shutdown is cancelled by the user, select time for when Q automatically shuts down. Settings > Display settings > Auto-Shutdown After Inactivity


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