Skipperi’s city boat service partnerships with Yamarin

Skipperi city boat Yamarin Daycruiser

Skipperi City Boat service, piloted in 2019 in the Helsinki metropolitan area, will expand to several new localities in Finland, to Stockholm in Sweden and Oslo in Norway. Yamarin delivers around 120 new motorboats to Skipperi for the 2020 season.

The city boat service tested various boat brands and models in the 2019 season. User experiences of and feedback on the Yamarin Cross range were positive. The Bowrider models 54 BR, 57 BR and 62 BR combine comfort, style and durability all in one.

“Boaters also wanted the possibility to stay overnight in the boat, and to meet this need, we will introduce the newly launched modern Yamarin 63 Day Cruiser with a bow cabin to the fleet”, says Kristian Raij, CEO of Skipperi.

The intended new home ports for city boats are in the Turku region, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Joensuu, Hanko and Lohja. Three more will be opened in Stockholm, and the Oslo home ports will be specified later in spring 2020. In addition, more ports will be opened in Espoo and Helsinki.

“The product development cooperation with Yamaha and Yamarin will enable us to offer several features next summer that will make the service easier to use. The cities involved have also been very positive towards us, as they see the service as an important attraction for the city, from the viewpoints of resident satisfaction and staycations,” says Kristian Raij.

Skipperi takes care of the city boats’ maintenance, servicing, insurances and boat availability, making boating easier and more convenient than ever next summer. New urban boaters will also receive electronic training materials and practical guidance for boating to make it as easy as possible to take on boating as a hobby.

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