Yamarin 63 Bow Rider – a new sporty model for active leisure boating

Yamarin 63 Bow Rider 2019

Here’s another new Yamarin for the 2019 season: the more than six-metre-long bow rider is a splendid all-rounder for leisurely boating, especially water sports. The new Yamarin 63 Bow Rider represents the same modern yet timeless appearance and design as the Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser, the biggest Yamarin of all time launched at the beginning of September this year.

“The new timeless form language was greeted with much acclaim by customers who familiarised themselves with the 88 Day Cruiser at the launch event in Oslo. The Yamarin 63 Bow Rider clearly embodies a lot of the same spirit as the 88 DC, including carefully considered details,” says Anders Kurtén, Director of Product Development for Yamarin.

The Yamarin 63 Bow Rider has a generously dimensioned open space that provides plenty of room for leisure activities and relaxation on the water and can easily be converted for various purposes. The elegantly simplistic white lines are highlighted by dark-coloured cushions and black plexiglass details on the doors of the storage compartments, for example.

A 10-inch Yamarin Q smart display is located conveniently right in front of the helmsman. The Yamarin Q is a multi-functional on-board computer and infotainment system that combines the boat’s instruments, electronic charts, operating manuals and management of many different accessories onto a single touchscreen that is clear to read and easy to use. The various engine data from Yamaha outboards are also seamlessly integrated onto the smart display for easy viewing. An additional smart display is optionally available for the co-driver’s side. As the Yamarin Q smart display is updated wirelessly via the Internet, the skipper always has the most recent software updates available.

The modern consoles and the improved ergonomics guarantee a comfortable ride for the helmsman and the passengers alike.

Handling, safety and quality come first

Excellent handling characteristics have been a priority in the design of the Yamarin 63 Bow Rider. With the maximum recommended engine power provided by a 150-hp Yamaha outboard, the boat reaches a top speed of over 44 knots.

The Yamarin 63 Bow Rider has a good-sized open space with a clear layout offering more room than the predecessor model. The boat is safe to access both fore and aft. Getting on board at the stern is easy by folding the aft seat backrest and removing the seat cushion and then using the swimming platform and the steps. The bow is effortless to access through the door between the consoles, and the sturdy steps and high railings make it safe to disembark the boat at the front end as well.

The bow also features an integrated fender retainer for two fenders.

The best spaces in class for sunbathing and spending time on the water

The “L”-shaped seating in the back and the folding seat placed behind the helm are easily converted into a pleasant social area by setting up the optionally available table between them.

The Yamarin 63 Bow Rider can be set up for sunbathing with not one but two sun decks. The open space in the back transforms into a sun deck for two persons by adding the optional section for the “L”-shaped seat and shifting the backrest of the co-driver’s seat to the front position. Another sun deck has been designed for the upper-level swimming platform between the canvas garage and the engine space, in the same way as in the 88 Day Cruiser.

The boat’s standard equipment includes seat cushions, the door between the consoles and a windshield wiper on the driver’s side. The optional accessories include a refrigerator, sun deck, 2-piece canopy, water sports bracket and teak floor.

Yamarin 63 Bow Rider technical specifications:

  • Length: 6.3 m
  • Beam: 2.35 m
  • Number of persons: 6
  • Weight: approx. 880 kg
  • Recommended engine rating: 115–150 hp
  • Top speed: 44+ knots (Yamaha 150 hp)

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