Yamarin launches stylish new six-metre bow rider model

The hull of the new Yamarin 59 BR has been designed for excellent handling

Yamarin’s new model for the 2023 season is a modern and stylish bow rider in the six-metre size class. Designed as a cruising and recreational boat for couples and families, the new Yamarin 59 BR will be presented for the first time at the boot Düsseldorf international boat show in Germany from 21 to 29 January.

“The new Yamarin fits in the popular size class under six metres and offers plenty of open space for enjoying yourself on the water. The design includes a comfortable seating arrangement that is ideal for socialising, easy access to the water from the wide swimming platforms, and a convenient sundeck,” says Yamarin Marketing Manager Johan Finnberg.

As with all Yamarin boats, the hull has been designed for excellent handling. The wide hull makes the boat extremely stable. The largest engine option is the Yamaha F115, which can achieve a maximum speed of around 37 knots. At the same time, the combination of electronic fuel injection and a hull designed especially for Yamaha outboards provides excellent economy at cruising speeds. The most economical speed range with the Yamaha F115LB outboard is from 19 to 24 knots, at which speeds the fuel consumption is kept to just 0.7 litres per nautical mile.

The standard Yamarin Q smart display with Navionics electronic navigation charts makes boating simple. Yamarin Q also includes radio, and you can even use it to stream music from your own smart device. Optional accessories include a fishfinder, sonar and remote control, which makes it easy to operate the smart display and adjust the volume, for example, while relaxing on the aft sofa.

Standard features on the smart display include the Q Guard anti-theft service, which enables owners to monitor the location of their boat remotely. A factory-fitted accessory kit extends Q Guard's functions to include battery, bilge and engine status.

Sheltered interior and easy access

The windshield extends far along the sides and its height has been optimised with the help of flow calculations to maximise cruising comfort and also protect passengers sitting on the rear sofa from wind and splashes. The black windshield frame emphasises the boat's impressive appearance and linearity.

The entire floor and all walkways are covered by a stylish Softdeck non-slip deck material which comes as standard. In rainy conditions or on hot summer days, the high aft canvas protects the entire passenger area, and when only the front part of the canvas is raised the cockpit is still protected from the rain or sun, and you can move freely on the aft deck, for example when docking.

The aft passenger area is dominated by a spacious sofa with a flipping backrest that can be turned into a comfortable sunbed with the flick of the wrist. The seats for the skipper and navigator also swivel, turning the aft section into a socialising area where you can relax when moored at the shore or harbour. An adjustable table can be placed in front of the sofa. The bow of the Yamarin 59 BR also forms a comfortable seating area where it is pleasant to sit in good weather.

An important design feature in terms of the boat's overall usability and safety are the clear and uncluttered walkways, both in the bow and at the stern. Accessibility at the bow is facilitated by sturdy handrails on both sides and a wide step, making it is easy to board the boat both from the dock and from the shore. There is also good storage space under the step for stowing mooring lines, which can be reached without having to open the hatch on top.

The wide platforms on the aft deck on both sides of the outboard motor serve as comfortable swimming platforms and access routes from the dock, as well as practical casting places for anglers. Support is provided by the optional water-skiing arch, which extends from the front of the motor along both sides close to the rear edge of the swimming platform. When the boat is moored sideways to the dock, access is facilitated by the practical steps in front of the windshield.

Beneath the swimming platform on the left side is stowage space for lines and the anchor. On the starboard side, the fuel filler cap and fuel filter can be found under the hatch.

59 BR has a lot of stowage space

Abundant stowage space forward and aft

Practical, spacious stowage space can be found under both the aft sofa and the bow seat, as well as inside the consoles. Gas struts lighten the hatches and make it easier to use the stowage spaces. There is a mug holder on top of the skipper’s console and a compartment for small items next to the footwell. On the navigator’s side, the grab handle conveniently serves also as a holder for two drinking bottles or mugs. Smart devices can be charged from the skipper’s console and from inside the navigator’s glovebox, where your phone or tablet can also be stored while charging.

Standard equipment on the new Yamarin 59 BR includes seat cushions, the Yamarin Q smart display, Navionics electronic navigation charts, hydraulic steering, Softdeck non-slip deck material and the Yamaha Y-COP immobiliser. Options include trim tabs, a harbour cover, sonar, a fishfinder and Q Guard.

Two factory-fitted equipment packages are also available. Comfort Edition includes an aft canvas and windshield wiper on the right. Premium Edition includes an aft canvas, windshield wipers on both the left and right, a table, a water-skiing arch and an Entertainment package, which includes speakers and an amplifier. 

Yamarin 59 BR

  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Weight: 825 kg
  • Length overall: 5.95 m
  • Width: 2.25 m
  • Engine power range: 80–115 hp
  • Engine rig length: L
  • Fuel tank volume: 110 l
  • Maximum speed: 37 knots
  • Most fuel-efficient speed range: 19–24 knots (0.7 litres per nautical mile, Yamaha F115LB)

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