Yamarin 88 DC, 63 BR and 46 SC at the Helsinki International Boat Show

Yamarin 88 DC will be presented at the Helsinki Boat show

Summer starts at the boat show! Welcome to meet Yamarin novelties at the biggest boating event of the Northern Europe, Helsinki International Boat Show in February 8–17. At the stand 6f48 you can find our novelties for the coming season: our new flagship Yamarin 88 DC, a sporty all-rounder Yamarin 63 BR and functional Yamarin 46 SC.

Yamarin 88DC - NOVELTY!

Yamarin 88 DC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

The much-expected new Yamarin 88 DC is aimed at boaters who enjoy spending time on the water with family and friends and appreciate a good social area, an elegant appearance and excellent handling characteristics.

The handling characteristics of the Yamarin 88 DC will please even the very demanding helmsmen. The boat feels stable to handle also in higher speeds and rougher weather. The Yamarin 88 DC’s maximum engine rating is the Yamaha F350 V8 that produces a top speed of over 45 knots.

Yamarin 63BR – NOVELTY!

Yamarin 63 BR presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

Yamarin 63 BR is a splendid all-rounder for leisurely boating, especially water sports. The new Yamarin 63 BR represents the same modern yet timeless appearance and design as the Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser, the biggest Yamarin of all time launched at the beginning of September 2018.

Excellent handling characteristics have been a priority in the design of the Yamarin 63 Bow Rider. With the maximum recommended engine power provided by a 150-hp Yamaha outboard, the boat reaches a top speed of over 44 knots.

Yamarin Q - NOVELTY!

Yamarin Q presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

The two new Yamarin models for the 2019 season, the 88 Day Cruiser and the 63 Bow Rider, are equipped with the advanced Yamarin Q infotainment system. The Yamarin Q's large and easy-to-use touchscreen brings together electronic charts, an on-board computer and an infotainment system as part of a motor boat’s basic set-up.

Yamarin 46 SC – NOVELTY!

Yamarin 46 SC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

The Yamarin 46 SC is a functional boat with excellent handling that guarantees smooth travel – no matter the weather. With well-designed space solutions and ample storage room, the spacious open bow of the 46 SC creates an ideal companion for quick summer trips out on the water.

Yamarin 79 DC

Yamarin 79 DC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

Imagine a perfect summer day on waters – sun, the sound of the waves, and good company. You can enjoy unforgettable times on a Yamarin 79 DC. This fully equipped boat offers pure Yamarin quality, from finely tuned handling to the practical interior solutions. The comfortable berths accommodate up to six persons.

Yamarin 65 DC

Yamarin 65 DC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

The Yamarin 65 DC offers the thrill of speed in style! The cornerstones of this elegant model’s popularity include spacious berths at the bow, a cosy social area at the rear, and ample storage space. The port side console of the 65 DC  includes a sink and installation readiness for a water system. The boat's standard equipment includes sunbed and teak table which guarantees the perfect days afloat.

Yamarin 59 DC

Yamarin 59 DC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

With its sturdy construction, excellent handling characteristics and quality equipment, the Yamarin 59 DC is a winning combination. The two-person cabin with a window, comfortable open space and large swimming platform ensure a great day’s boating, while the wide windshield and walk-through layout of the 59 DC provide even further comfort – creating the ideal summer companion.

Yamarin 56 BR

Yamarin 56 BR presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

A fast boat for the sports-minded, the Yamarin 56 BR is the ideal choice for water sports and day cruises. Its sharp, angular design and spacious bow can be used for both spin fishing or loading the boat. With a stylishly designed, higher-than-average windshield, the 56 BR provides excellent protection for passengers, while sporting an open rear space that includes integrated fender holders. It's the perfect fit for a fun day out on the water.

Yamarin 47 TC

Yamarin 47 TC presenteras på Helsingfors båtmässa

The Yamarin 47 TC is an enormously popular model that offers great handling and comfort of travel in a compact package. Thanks to its highly rated hull design, the 47 TC drives smoothly – even in changing weather conditions. With plenty of open bow space, it offers comfortable seating for up to three people.

Vene 19 Båt, Helsinki International Boat Show 8th – 17th February, 2019

Opening hours:

Friday 8.2. from 11 to 19
Saturday–Sunday 9.-10.2. from 10 to 18
Monday-Friday 11.-15.2. from 11 to 19
Saturday-Sunday 16-17.2. from 10 to 18


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