New Yamarin 60 DC – a versatile new day cruiser in a popular size class

The new Yamarin 60 daycruiser

The new Yamarin 60 DC is a versatile day cruiser that is ideal for recreational boating and commuting to summer cottages. First-class handling, practical space solutions and a convenient cabin ensure an enjoyable day cruise. The new model will be unveiled at the Gothenburg Boat Show on 31 January 2020.

Yamarin, the trendsetter in day cruisers, continues to update its model range. The 60 DC is the fifth Yamarin model to feature the new design language following the 88 DC and 63 DC day cruisers and the 63 BR and 46 SC open boat models.

The new Yamarin 60 DC is a stylish day cruiser with a walk-through layout that is ideally suited for daytrips with small groups and for both novices and experienced boaters. Thanks to its versatile open space and smart cabin solution, the new model is extremely spacious and practical for its size.

“The Yamarin 60 DC has been designed for couples and families who value great handling and a practical layout. Day cruisers in this size class are often the first DC boat for many customers after owning a smaller open boat. This compact new day cruiser is truly stylish and practical, which is why we believe it will be a really popular model.”, says Yamarin Marketing Manager Johan Finnberg.

Stylish, modern and safe


Tyylikäs Yamarin 60 Day Cruiser

The styling of the Yamarin 60 DC continues the modern design language first seen on the 88 DC, with a streamlined hull finished with stylish black side elements. The swimming platforms and open space provide lots of room for enjoying water sports and soaking up the sun. 

Boarding the boat and moving about onboard is safe even for children thanks to the uncluttered walk-through layout and large steps and swimming platforms.

Teak decks are standard on the foredeck and aft swimming platforms, and teak is also available as a factory option inside the cockpit. Teak surfaces enhance style, comfort and safety; they are pleasant to walk on in bare feet and do not get slippery when wet. 

Practical open space ideal for enjoying summer boating

Yamarin 60 DC:ssä on käytännöllinen avotila

The stylish windshield provides excellent protection for both the driver and passengers. Yamarin has also optimised the driving position, making it comfortable and safe to operate the boat.

Up to three passengers can sit comfortably on the rear bench, while the driver’s and co-driver’s seats can be rotated fully to create a pleasant socialising area for up to five persons. An optional table can also be specified.

The Yamarin 60 DC is also available with a new, handy and easy-to-use sundeck solution (optional). The sundeck is hinged beneath the rear bench and folds out on top of the sides without the need for a separate table. The sundeck can also be kept open when operating the boat. 

Comfortable cabin for two

Yamarin 60 DC:n valoisassa kajuutassa on avattavat ikkunat

The Yamarin 60 DC features an extremely spacious cabin for a boat in this size class. The entire space inside the cabin has been optimised, and the sleeping area begins immediately behind the hinged door. There is also plenty of storage space inside the cabin, including under the mattress. The cabin is the perfect nap space for kids, and it is also spacious enough for two adults to sleep in. 

Natural light enters the cabin through two openable hull windows that also let in fresh air when sleeping.

Balanced and safe performance

60 DC:ssa on Yamarinien tapaan erinomaiset ajo-ominaisuudet

The Yamarin 60 DC has a wide hull that enhances the feeling of space inside the boat while ensuring stability and balance. In addition, the hull has been designed and built to handle well under different loads.  Like all Yamarin boats, the 60 DC will appeal to experienced helmsmen, but it is also safe for novices. The maximum speed when equipped with a Yamaha F115 outboard is an impressive 38 knots.

Yamarin Q smart display and Yamarin App bring digitalisation to boating

Yamarin 60 DC:ssa on vakiona Yamarin Q-infotainment-järjestelmä

A 10-inch Yamarin Q smart display (standard equipment) is located conveniently right in front of the helmsman. Yamarin Q is a multi-functional on-board computer and infotainment system that combines the boat’s instruments, electronic charts, operating manuals and control of numerous accessories on a single touchscreen that is clear to read and easy to use. The various engine data from Yamaha outboards are also seamlessly integrated with the smart display for easy viewing.

The Yamarin App includes the user manuals for the boat and engine, as well as an automatic logbook that stores the route and travel distance, as well as fuel consumption and weather information. Yamarin Q also transfers data about the location of the boat, battery voltage and fuel level to the mobile app.

The logbook on the Yamarin App uses the GPS data on your mobile device, so it can also be used without the Yamarin Q smart display. The mobile app can also be used to share the logbook’s journey data and images with friends. With Yamarin Q, the logbook synchronises the location information stored in the infotainment system with the app via a cloud service.

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