Fuel requirements

Yamarin recommends the use of 98E5 petrol with 5 percent ethanol by volume for boats with fixed fuel tanks.

Always check the suitability of fuel according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.

Yamaha outboard motors manufactured since 2003 can use fuel with up to 10 percent ethanol by volume (95E10). The boat’s fuel system must have a water separator and 10-micron fuel filter.

The recommended fuel for two-stroke Yamaha outboard motors is 98E5.

During long periods of storage, light compounds can evaporate from the fuel, making it hard to start the motor after the winter. The easiest way to prevent start-up problems in the spring is to use fresh fuel. You can also use small engine fuel the last time you run the motor before storage, as small engine fuel remains fresher for longer periods. Fuel additives are not required, as the fuel sold in gas stations already contains all the necessary additives.