Spare parts and accessories

A huge amount of Yamarin boats have been manufactured since 1972, and we also serve owners of old boats. Our spare parts list includes more than 5000 items, including rarer boat parts that are available from the manufacturer.

Spare parts for boats are generally available for ten years after the end of model production, but most components are available for significantly longer. In practice, the most important spare parts are still available for a significant number of older Yamarin models.

Yamarin does not sell spare parts and accessories directly. Instead, customers are served by our network of authorised dealers. Yamarin has more than 100 dealers in Europe, some of which also offer spare parts and accessories on their online stores. Your authorised Yamarin dealer can help you with any spare parts or accessories you need for your boat, and you can also ask them about the current availability of individual items.

Accessories for Yamarin boats

A wide range of accessories is available for all new and recent Yamarin boats from our network of authorised dealers. The most popular accessories include canvas tops, harbour covers and cushion sets. Also, watersports brackets are available for many models.

Yamarin canopies, canvas tops and harbour covers

Canvas tops and harbour covers are available from the manufacturer mainly for models less than 10 years old. Numerous canvas parts and fastening accessories, such as zippers, slide rails and gunwale fasteners are also available as spare parts.

Many canopy manufacturers, such as MP-Venekuomu (page in Finnish only) and VA-varuste in Finland, have patterns for older Yamarin models from the late 1970s onwards. Canopy manufacturers also offer repair services for old canopies and can, for example, replace broken or faded canopy windows with new ones. Canopies can be repaired conveniently during the autumn or winter after the boating season, as delivery times can be longer in the spring.

Availability of spare parts for older Yamarin models

The availability of spare parts for all Yamarin boats made in the 21st century is very good. 

Paints and repair paints

You can find Yamarin colour codes on our web page.  When repairing the paint on an older boat, it is worth noting that due to the effect of UV radiation, the colour tone may no longer exactly match the original tone.

Yamarin Q charts and updates

Yamarin Q smart displays use Navionics digital charts, while the smart display on older boat models used C-MAP charts. New charts come with free updates for 12 months. Updates are available directly from Navionics and the Yamarin App.

Yamarin Q smart displays are compatible with Navionics+ and Platinum+ charts on SD cards.