Winterizing Yamarin Q display

When the weather is getting colder, and the boating season is coming to an end, it’s time to put your boat to winter hibernation and make the preparations so that you can start the next season as smoothly as possible. 

We have gathered a useful list of advice on how to winterize your Q Display. This way you can protect your precious boating instrument and ensure a smooth start of the next season!  

Here’s how to winterize your Yamarin Q Display

1. Clean the Display and its cover from saltwater

During the summer you and your boat spend quite a lot of time on sea causing the display to gather salt on its surface. Take a wet microfiber cloth and wipe the screen to clean the salt off. Wash the silicone cover too with warm water and let it dry well before putting it back on the display.   

2. Disconnect power

If the Q display is indoors with your boat, the GPS is trying to find a location and therefore consumes more power. We recommend that the Q Display’s continuous power is disconnected, either by disconnecting the battery terminal or the fuse. This way you can prevent the battery from being drained completely. 

3. Using Q Guard during the winter

If you wish to keep an eye on your boat during the winter with Q Guard, remember to provide charge for the battery that provides operating power. Also if the Q Guard is used, remember to ensure that the SIM card subscription continues throughout the winter. 


The Yamarin Q Display is an all-in-one device that incorporates navigation, entertainment, connectivity, and safety in a simple and clear user interface. The Yamarin Q Display is compatible with the world leading Navionics digital charts. Display and maps are standard equipment in models 88 DC, 67 DC, 63 DC, 60 DC, 63 BR and 59 BR. It is also available as an accessory for the 50 BR.